Guide for the Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic remedies are available as globules or solutions.

The globules are not to be touched by hand, because the solution containing the healing information (obtained by serial dilutions and dynamising, called the potentizing and which contains the vibrations of the original substance) is impregnated on the surface of these globules, so on contact with moisture they instantly release their action.  The tube which contains the remedies should be turned upside down, and twisted on the cap, which allows the globules to fall in the cap, and then directly be put in the mouth, on the tongue or under the tongue. It is better to allow the globules to melt, because masticating or swallowing may diminish their effect.

The solutions should be diluted in a cup of water and administered as recommended. One can also proceed like this with the globules, for stirring is better to use a utensil of glass or plastic, not of metal. Every day a fresh solution should be made, and between use it should be covered. The solution can be prepared in a bottle of glass or plastic, and thus it can (and should) be well shaken before every use.

The homeopathic remedy is better to be taken with at least 20 minutes before or after a meal, the mucosa of the mouth should be cleaned before administering.

The success of the homeopathic treatment depends more on the chosen potency and frequency of administration, not the number of globules taken. A dose usually means 2-3 globules, or 2-3 sips out of the solutions.

Everything that stimulates unnecessarily the organism or steels energy from, should be avoided. Coffee, Coke, white/green/black tee should be avoided. Moderate intake of grain coffee and decaffeinated coffee is allowed. Smoking is not allowed around the time of taking a remedy.

Camphor and mint (internally or externally), should be avoided as well, this applies to chewing gums, toothpastes, mint tea, etc. Soft drinks containing quinines (Schweppes, tonics) can only be consumed in small amounts.

Dental interventions, the aromatic substances and anesthesia used in dental care can antidote the homeopathic treatment.

The use of chemical drugs and ointments can antidote the homeopathic remedy, this is especially true for antibiotics and cortisone (both internally and externally), in case of use of these medications, as well as the use of any chronic treatment, the homeopath must be consulted.

Emotional and mental burdens (bad luck, grief, stress, humiliating situations) have a strong antidoting effect, therefore has to be avoided as much as possible.

While storing the homeopathic remedies direct sunlight, strong heat, nearness of aromatic substances or tobacco should be avoided. The remedies work on a level of vibration, therefore they should be kept on a distance from devices emitting vibrations (TV, radio, mobile phones, microwaves, computers), in a rather cold, dry place. Theoretically speaking, a well stored remedy never loses its effect, even beyond the date shown on the packing.  

A guide for homeopathic treatment

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