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Do not miss the golden opportunity to learn homeopathy with Professor Vithoulkas

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece 3rd of July - 14th of July 2017

This course is addressed to beginners or homeopaths who would like to improve their knowledge and practise on Classical Homeopathy.

Most of the hours will be taught by Professor George Vithoulkas and he will be assisted by Dr. Jorgos Kavouras and Manfred Braig.

The main theme of the lessons will be: the development of a chronic case and case management.

Professor George Vithoulkas will present Live Cases with extensive analysis, evaluation of pathology, comparison of remedies and strategies on prescritpion. There will be further discussions on the “Levels of Health”, the dosage and the potency of the homeopathic remedy, taking into consideration several essential parameters.

These yearly courses will be combined with the E-Learning Program for those that want to complete their education and take the Diploma of the Academy.

The students who will attend this course will take the E-learning Program with 50% discount.

Contact: academy@vithoulkas.com www.vithoulkas.com 

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy - Alonissos

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